Bracing pattern for a Gibson L00 replica

The Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, 2018
Neck reset e restauro Martin D-28 anni ’70 di… John Martyn!
I'm actually building a replica of the beautiful Gibson L00. With its small body and short scale, it is really one of the most comfortable guitars to play.
It is mainly a replica, but I decided to improve the bracing pattern a little bit.
I made the braces thinner and higher, resulting in lighter braces given equal strenght, and added a little bit of scalloping on them, giving more responsiveness and projection.
Furthermore, I strenghten the sides not with the traditional tape but instead some spruce "braces", which help to prevent cracks and give the sides added rigidity, reducing the vibrations' dampening and allowing a best performance of the top-back coupling.
I can't wait to hear it play. Let's keep in tune if you are curious too!
Bracing pattern for this Gibson L00 replica. Since the original bridge plate was really small, I added a little curve at the lower part (+2 mm at the peak), which also distributes more evenly the string pull and helps avoiding the clean, perpendicular cracks that sometimes happen when the plate is too straight. The grain on the maple plate is 45°, in order to avoid cracks between the holes of the pins.
Reinforcement braces in the sides.

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