Acoustic Guitars


From songwriting to complex fingerstyle compositions, a responsive acoustic guitar is needed in order to give your music life and depth. That's my main goal: giving you a tool capable of translate the complex array of emotions and nuances needed to fully express your art.
Every acoustic guitar I build is carefully balanced and voiced to get the possible best out of it.
These procedures find no space in a mass-production factory, since they require dedication, concentration and lots of time. But the final results are totally rewarding, because they will give you access to a whole new experience.

Various shapes available, from Parlor to Dreadnought.
Starting from € 3950,00 incl. taxes and hard case. Please follow this page for a quote.

Standard processing for every guitar

  • Hand-picked, first quality woods
  • Individual construction, Fully handmade in Trissino, Italy
  • Components stored in dry, controlled area
  • Voicing according to M° Ervin Somogyi method
  • Custom bracing and voicing, according to customer taste
  • Tap-tuning for enhanced responsiveness
  • Nitrocellulose finish
  • Humidity-controlled working environment
  • Quality Hard case
  • Certificate of Authenticity and merch
  • Full standard specifications: CLICK HERE

This page is still under construction, and some pictures/models are missing and will be added soon. Thank you!