Archtop Guitars


The Archtop guitar is one of the most satisfying and complicated instrument to build. If made with care and the right amount of time, she will show her real characther, with the deep and talking sound she's known for.
A meticolous work of hand carving to create the arch, and long and careful thicknessing to reach the exact point where sound meets stability, are only two of the ingredients to create a great guitar. All of my archtops are made by hand out of massive wood, with no laminate tops and back at all - which are way cheaper and faster, but also unsatisfying for the sound. Furthermore, the thicknessing for the top and the back is different for every guitar, since every single piece of wood has its own internal strenght and flexibility; my task is to find the exact point where the wood gains its maximum responsiveness, but it's still able to hold the string tension. It's a long procedure, but it's the only way to achieve the best.
My archtops are available both with arched or flat (domed) back. The second option is more cost-effective, and gives the sound a little bit more brightness and attack and a little bit less sustain and mellow, jazzy voice.
Starting from € 5490,00 incl. taxes and hard case. Please follow this page for a quote.

Standard Specifications

  • Hand-picked, first quality woods
  • Individual construction, fully handmade in Trissino, Italy
  • Components stored in dry, controlled area
  • Careful, precise hand thicknessing of table and back
  • Voicing at closed box, for optimal responsiveness
  • Dovetail neck construction
  • Constant flexibility/strength ratio check
  • One piece ebony/maple bridge
  • One piece ebony/maple tailpiece
  • Nitrocellulose finish
  • Humidity controlled working environment
  • Quality Hard case
  • Certificate of authenticity and merch
  • Full standard specifications: CLICK HERE

This page is still under construction, and some pictures/models are missing and will be added soon. Thank you!