About the luthier

I've been building instruments since I was 19. Being myself a musician, it started as a side hobby to build the guitars I needed to play, but soon I started to feel a deeper connection. As I scratched more and more under the surface, I found always more intriguing subjects and fascinating stories, which ultimately led me to dedicate my whole time to this extremely complex art - which I still am, and always will be, learning. I started as a complete self taught, but in time I learnt a lot from the Masters I've worked for or I've met in person, and studied everything I could study from lots of books and written knowledge. I think of my job as a means of expression, more than a way to replicate old clich├ęs. That's why I think that the only way to build high-end instruments is to let the builder put his soul and charachter in them, giving them a breath of life and integrity. For this reason, I am working to get a good balance between uniqueness, function an art. I hope you'll appreciate the results.


Uniqueness, Creativity and Italian taste.
These words could sum up the building philosophy of Emanuele Faggion, individual luthier based in Italy. His hometown is near Venice, both geographically and culturally, and this proximity played a big role on his vision of lutherie: proportioned geometries, delicate harmonies and vivid colors.

His approach to guitar building is well grounded into the Italian traditional school of lutherie, nonetheless open to new techniques and solutions, like soundports, cantilevered necks, new bracings.

He personally works on all of his instruments, in order to achieve total control on the final result. This gives him the chance to create instruments with a personality impossibile to achieve by a supply chain production.

  • 2009The firstborn

    First guitar built. Hollow body doubleneck 6/12 strings w/ piezo undersaddle. An easy project as the first one :)
  • 2012Apprenticeship with M. Georg Wellnhofer

    I worked for (and immensely learned from) Georg Wellnhofer, a Master piano builder and restorer from Wien, Austria. Working on acoustic pianos and stringed instruments in his shop gave me the chance to open my mind and learn to manipulate the sound with a more scientific and methodic approach. Furthermore, he helped me refine my hand skills and my shop management.
  • 2014Founding the Onirica brand

    After some years of practice and study, the time was come to jump into the fray with a new brand and a dedicated workshop. Onirica Guitars was born in Arzignano, Italy. For a period of time, I worked on it with two other luthiers and friends: Alberto Biasin and Marco Ferrari.
  • 2019Development and partnership

    After developing many models and working hard with international dealers and fairs, the time was come for Onirica to expand further. I started a collaboration with Sounds Gold company, who took property&care of the brand. I kept on working on it as a contributor.
  • 2022New beginning

    On 2022 I've had the great impulse and need of moving forward with a brand new project, in a more acoustic-high end-centered brand. I decided to take again my own path as an individual luthier, and focus on a more "classical" way to intend lutherie. This is what I'm doing right now.

Below you will find some of my older guitars, placed in ascending chronological order.
A brief excursus into the past, just before going forward.